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​  The waters surrounding Norfolk Island are alive with a wide range of commonly targeted sportfish, game fish and some delicious bottom dwellers. My brother and I have fished these waters since we could walk, mostly from the stones to start but over the last 15 years or so the urge to get out on the water and explore got the better of us. After using small Tinnys and fishing in fairly close proximity to the shore we needed something bigger, now with my 19 foot Shark Cat powered by twin 115hp Yamaha 4 stroke outboards we can travel quickly and safely to and from the fishing  grounds.


Who likes having a battle with a fish that has the upper hand, one that takes all your skills to subdue, one that only takes one wrong move from you and its all over? Sport Fisherman do! And Norfolk Island has plenty of fish to target in this sporting way. There's small tuna to throw metals too, kingfish on poppers, trevally on plastics, anything on fly... the list goes on.



Through the summer months we get water temperatures up to 26 degrees and with that we get some big pelagics. We are lucky enough to get Black, Blue and Stripped marlin as well as some big yellowfin, Wahoo and Dolphin Fish. We have all the gear needed to land these trophy fish and have worked out the best grounds in which to target them.


The waters of Norfolk Island have an abundance of hard fighting and very tasty reef fish, Red Throat Emperor (Trumpy) are the most prolific in depths to 90 metres or so but then you get into Bar Cod and Blue Eye territory. There are many other species you'll find lurking on the reefs and pinacles with the Trumpy such as XOS Snapper, Kingfish, Amberjack and world record sized Silver Trevally to name a few, you really never know what you'll pull up.



Norfolk is home to some mean jig eating kings that will test any angler and their gear. Its not just kings that eat jigs too, we also catch Bar Cod, Amberjack, large silver trevally and the odd XOS Snapper. Deep water verlical jigging is probably the most physically demanding type of fishing there is with jigs weighing around 400grams and sometimes fishing in depths of 140 metres it takes its toll on your arms and back but when that fish strikes all the hard work is forgotton and the battle begins.

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