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Scotty & Tommy 


Both Tommy and I are born and bred Norfolk Islanders and have been fishing these waters since we could walk, literally! Its safe to say we have built up quite a reputation over our lives here from our fishing addiction, weather it was yellowfin tuna off the rocks, 14kg Silver Trevally off the piers or 30 plus KG wahoo from a 12 foot Tinny. We have opened the eyes of many to just how good the fishing is around Norfolk Island.

I can't recall going on a holiday without taking at least one rod with me, between us we've fished in just about every state of Australia, also done some fishing in Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, NZ, New Caledonia and Lord Howe Island where Tom was a deck hand for Dave Gardiner for a couple of seasons.

Now since the launching of our Boat GREENBACK we have been non stop searching and fishing the endless drop offs, pinnales, sea mounts and reefs that make up this unbelievably untouched, pristine fishing paradise, we call home.


Above- Myself, Scott Greenwood with a solid Silver Trevally.


Left- Tommy Greenwood with a couple of cracking Kings!


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